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PHONE: 0751 411 2736

GEORGIA.VON.ESCO is run by Georgia Cristea, a RIBA-accredited Conservation Architect (CA) & Interior Designer based in London. Trained as an architect, she specialises in conservation architecture and interior design in historical buildings.


Although highly committed to preserving and enhancing the significance and intrinsic values of each historical building, she is not afraid of blending the old and the new. The aesthetic and functional needs of her clients and their contemporary living requirements are carefully accommodated into the period properties, with minimum disturbance of the historical fabric.

GEORGIA.VON.ESCO work can best be defined by its unique design solutions endorsed by a holistic and sensitive approach of the cultural, social and historical contexts. The final aim is delivering a complex product, adapted to the 21st Century style of living while enhancing the significance, value and usage of each building.


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